Artist package 2024

Die Anmeldephase für dieses Jahr ist vorüber! Die Künstler:innen für 2024 wurden benachrichtigt. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

In der Artist Area der POLARIS 2024 wird ein Ausstellungsbereich speziell für Künstler/innen,
Creator & Clubs gestaltet. Der Ausstellungsbereich für Artists/Creator/Clubs wird kuratiert.       
Ein Fachgremium entscheidet, welche angemeldeten Artists/Creator/Clubs zugelassen werden.
Die Prüfung erfolgt auf Basis der Online-Anmeldung eines Artist-Paketes.   
Ein Artist/Creator/Club kann sich für nicht mehr als zwei Artist-Pakete bewerben (4m² bzw. 8m²).
Bewerbungsschluss für Artist-Pakete war am 30. April 2024.

  • 1 table (HxWxD: 74x160x80cm)
  • 2 chairs
  • Floor space 2m x 2m, incl. Auma fee (0.60 € per m²)
  • 2 exhibitor tickets

Tablecloths or similar coverings or decorative elements are not provided.
Exhibitor catering or party tickets can be ordered online for a fee.

Note: Participants must be at least 18 years old. The artists must mainly have self-designed products in their range. Fanart must not predominate. No AI-generated works may be sold. Without exception, all products in the range must be suitable for children. Nor may they be presented or sold with censorship.


Polaris 2024 will take place from 11 until 13 October in the B1 - B4 + B7 halls of the Hamburg convention center.

We are offering the following ticket types:

🎟️: 1 Day Ticket (€ 39)
🎟️: 3 Day Ticket (€ 69)
🎟️: "Bring your kids“ Ticket* (€ 65)

You can find the ticket shop hereWe have also partnered up with multiple great creators who have their own discount codes. Visiting their profiles to find out more could be worth it! 

*The "Bring your kids" Ticket is only valid on Sunday, 13 October 2024 and grants entry to one person over 18 + up to six kids under 18.

The opening times for 2024 have not been decided, yet. Please check again at a later date.

Bist Du noch unter 16, führe bitte die Zustimmung deiner Eltern mit dir.

Children under the age of 7 may only enter if accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. If you are planning on bringing children under 7 years old, we recommend the “Bring Your Kids”. This ticket is linked to the parent or guardian. Additionally, a visitor registration, including the names and number of children, is required. The “Bring Your Kids” ticket is valid on Sundays for one adult and up to six children under 18.

Children between the ages of 7 and 16 require written consent from a parent or guardian to purchase a ticket and gain access to the fair. Children aged 16 and over can enter unaccompanied with a regular day ticket. From the age of 18, tickets may be purchased online.

A disclaimer for families coming on Saturday:

Since we are expecting Saturday to be the busiest day, please consider bringing your younger kids on Sunday, instead. It may be a nice alternative with slightly less people!

The Hamburg convention center is located in the center of the city, conveniently reachable via public transport. Here can be found here.

No, none of the Polaris tickets include free public transportation. However, you can use the code HVV24 to receive a 2 € discount in the Polaris ticket shop.

If tickets are not sold out before the event, there will be tickets for sale on-site. However, we will announce when we're close to being sold out for any of the days.

Please note that we cannot verify the authenticity of tickets bought from third parties. We therefore advise our customers to buy tickets directly from the official convention shop (Hamburg Messe und Congress).

Yes, they are located in the lobby (East Entrance) near Hall B4. You will need a 1 € coin to use it. The dimensions are as follows: 

27 x 50cm (WxH)

Bigger suitcases and bags can be kept in the cloakroom.

Yes, one is located in the lobby.

The question "Where is Adventure Land" is our code question to ask when you need to withdraw from a situation. Simply approach one of our staff members with the question and they will escort you away to figure out a way to best support you.

Approach one of the following people: security staff or any Polaris team members.

Yes, a press registration form will be published closer to the convention.

The hybrid mobile game will be connecting content from the physical convention with the digital realm, allowing visitors to collect items, participate in give-aways and make new friends.

The most important information can be found in the Terms and Conditions . A traffic guide can be found here. Please note that these are from 2023 and will be updated soon! 

For all queries regarding exhibitor services, we have created a comprehensive FAQ section for exhibitors, which you can access via this link: order to optimize your trade fair preparation we recommend to check the FAQ and clarify any uncertainties.

No, all publicly shown and sold content and products must be appropriate for minors.

You can find more information about our Cosplay guidelines here..

We will let you know via social media and the website as soon as we can!

Artists could submit their artwork until 1 October 2023. We'll let you know about the deadlines for 2024 when we have them. here.. Sobald wir mehr Infos zum diesjährigen Wettbewerb haben, kündigen wir ihn an.

Please note that we will have bag controls for everyone who is entering the convention center. This is to ensure that no dangerous items can be brought in.

Yes, you can. You do not need an additional permission. However, please be mindful of your surroundings while streaming so that nobody feels disturbed.

If you encounter any issues while purchasing a ticket (e.g. your ticket not being sent to your email address), please reach out to!

Naturally, dangerous items are not allowed to be brought into the convention center. Our team will randomly check bigger bags in the entrance area. All bags that are bigger than standard backpacks have to be stored in the coin lockers or left at the wardrobe.

Absolutely. If you have a "B" or "H" on your document, your helper will receive free entry and be able to get the ticket on-site. We require the necessary documentation to be able to hand out the ticket.

Absolutely! Here is where you will find a map of the convention center and the surrounding area to be able to navigate it more easily. 

Regular dogs are not permitted in the convention center. However, this does not apply to service and police dogs.

*Aus dieser Informationsübersicht sind keine rechtlichen Ansprüche abzuleiten. Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten, aktueller Stand: Juni, 2023