Theme Worlds

Neo Taki

A cherry blossom floats through NEO TAKI, driven by a gentle breeze stemming from the open sea. It slowly begins its descent toward the ground. Bevor it can reach its destination, Maggie closes her hand around it. "Caught you!", she gleefully glances at the cherry blossom tree. The cherry blossoms really are what transforms Neo Taki from an ordinary city to a magical place. You will find a melting pot of Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture all within the bustling city walls. Take a seat, enjoy the show or learn the latest K-pop dances. However, once Maggie gets going, take a step back - you don't want to get caught in one of her blades! After all, she enjoys the fascinating quirks of Neo Taki just as much as the next person.


Lights on! The arena is flooded by the bright spotlights - all of them focused on Ray, the hero of Cyberdome. He waves and greets the audience, riling up the audience for the gaming show that's about to take place. Every glass fibre of their beings is stirring with tension, fully focused on their respective goals. And for those of you who aren't familiar with Ray: you probably will see him joining one or two of the matches, because "if he hasn't reached a high score in a particular game, it's because he hasn't tried". Come join the fun when the action starts! No matter if you've come to watch the show or as a participant - Cyberdome is the place for you!


When the trees of the everlasting forest start to sway, that's when Sir Olivia makes an appearance. Their teleport spell has left the air with fragments of golden sparks. Along with them, a group of talented creators have made their way into the forest. You see, Valdhaym has long been a place for creative minds to gather, collaborate and frolic. You will meet artists, cosplayers and illustrators. Why not have a chat with them or dabble in some fascinating tabletop adventures? Sir Olivia would love to challenge you to a match. Being the forest's guardian does not mean they cannot engage in some silly fun from time to time. Welcome to Valdhaym - anyone's welcome!


A mix of old and new gaming highlights can be found nestled in the colorful Sandbox. What used to be a barren desert planet with lost gamers trying to find loot and grind their gear, has turnt into the lively and vibrant Sandbox you are seeing today. Gamers from all around the globe journey to this magical oasis to not only experience recent games, but also to discover old gems and entertaining shows. Come challenge your friends to a match or two, talk to developers or enjoy the show. But beware, Ultrabot & Yenni64 are pros and won't go down easily in a match.

Munchi Market

Over the garlands, one leap onto the roof and ... they're gone. No trace of them throughout the entire Munchi Market. As fast as the three hamsters Om, Nom and Omnom appeared, they vanished again - but with a big bag of loot to boot. Om was watching the scene while Nom managed to fill his cheeks with goodies. Omnom was busy attracting everyone's attention with his tricks. But don't fret - the hamsters left enough goodies for everyone. Join the wondrous alleys within Munchi Market, find delicious treats and drinks alongside trinkets to take home.